Need Help?

Try this Problems/Solutions chart

Don’t know what kind of business help is appropriate?
Use our Problem/Solution Chart. It contains 20 commonly asked business questions to help you find out if you should enroll in an SBDC workshop or see a counselor for one-on-one assistance.



I need more clients using my services or customers visiting my store Enroll in a marketing strategies class or speak to a counselor about growth or strategic marketing.
My business runs short each month. I need a business loan Chat with a business counselor to help determine if you really do need cash or if you can identify ways to increase revenues and lower costs.
I’m ready to start a business. What do I do to get started? Consult an SBDC Center to see if they can refer you to city website for the city in which you want to locate your business. That website may have a list of requirements regarding creation of a business. Additionally, see a business counselor who can help you address in detail how to obtain a business license, create a business plan or find capital.
Puede reciber asistencia en Español? Si, tenenemos asesores que le pueden asistir en su idioma en los centros de Charo, Long Beach, La sbdc Network. y otros.
I have a business idea but need to bounce it off somebody before I start it. Make an appointment with a business counselor to review the idea and see what research needs to be done regarding business costs, location, feasibility, demographic research, marketing and competition. This will help you decide if your idea is realistic and if you should develop a business plan.
What licenses or permits do I need to become a licensed contractor? Check with an SBDC Center to see if they have a startup counselor who can advise you or if they have a flyer that lists phone numbers and address for city licenses and permits.
How do I set up my payroll accounts and what does the state of California require from employers? Enroll in a workshop that outlines the legal, tax and licensing requirements for small businesses.
How do I get a fictitious business name? Check with an SBDC Center to see if they have a list of licenses and permits needed and the government agencies that issue them.
I need to get a bank loan but don’t know where to start or what banks to approach. Most SBDC Centers offer loan application assistance and will counsel you on what bankers look for from business owners.
Should my business be a partnership or a corporation? Enroll in a business structure workshop or talk to a business counselor.
I am about to sign a lease, can someone review it? See a business consultant who can advise you about what to look for, generally, in good leases, and who will explain to you the extent of the financial commitment you will be making.
How do I get an EIN number (Employer Identification Number)? Check with an SBDC Center to see if they can help you with the IRS website which has an online application form.
I’m past-due on my payables and not collecting on my receivables. Help! Work with an SBDC business counselor to determine the cost of your goods or services and examine ways to make your business more efficient to reduce costs and increase income.
Someone has asked me for financial statements for my business. Where do I get those? You should track your business progress financially with an ongoing bookkeeping system. Enroll in an SBDC taxes and record-keeping workshop to help you develop a bookkeeping system, create it in Quick Books or help you understand how to read a financial statement.
My business is doing fine, but I’m thinking I want to do more with it. What’s the best way to do that? Enroll in an SBDC strategic planning workshop to create a plan for your business future or work with a business counselor to identify steps you could take.
I’ve been in business for awhile and am finally thinking about a website. What should I look for? The SBDC Service Centers offer workshops on website basics and on e-marketing and increasing your business visibility online.
I’d like to find someone to invest in my company? How do I do that? Venture capital is money that comes from investors. This is one way to obtain fund your company. The SBDC Centers regularly offer workshops that provide information on financing a business.
People keep telling me I should sell to other countries, but I don’t know how to do that. Many SBDC Centers offer export/import counselors and workshops in international trade.
I’d like to get government contracts. What are the requirements? Most SBDC Centers offer workshops on certification and the SBA 8A process that outline the basics of government contracting and procurement.
I have employees but am not sure I’m meeting all federal and state requirements. What should I do? Enroll in an SBDC human resources issues workshop that can outline the basics and speak with a business counselor regarding your specific questions.